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The Cabin That Loves Children

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Our family gathered here for a long Thanksgiving weekend together. It was COLD outside but always warm inside. My two grandchildren are age two & four. What fun they had! Aunts & uncle, Grandma & Grandpa & TOYS. We found kid’s puzzles & games in the cupboards, dolls & doll furniture in a closet, children’s movies in the TV stand & then there was the basement — tons of fun toys down there. We were there 4 nights and I don’t know if we even found all the toys. We all enjoyed the cabin, nicely designed for relaxing together or cooking together. The oven cooked up a wonderful Thanksgiving Day turkey. We even found fun children’s plates in the kitchen cupboards. There must be good shopping nearby because a couple of my daughters got up at 3:00 a.m. on Friday to catch the good sales. My favorite was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee enjoying the sunshine and watching all the birds at the feeders and occassionally some deer. Out for a walk one afternoon with my granddaughter after a fresh snowfall, we found where three deer had bedded down near the cabin. We would recommend this cabin to anyone, we found it to be a clean & comfortable place tucked into the woods.

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